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Intended to sit in June 2016 session for three papers what should be my preparation strategy ?

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February 9th 2016 AN ACCA USER 300 Points

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The strategy should be designed based on various factors. If you have previously sat in ACCA papers this would be easier for you to analysis that is appearing in three exams viable for you to ensure passing all of those three papers.

ACCA papers require a focus and smart study plan and you would have to exhaust best possible resources and effective time management for three papers. If you think that you are likely to struggle for three papers try to go for two papers in which you would have more probability of passing instead of three papers with discouraging results.

If these are your first three ACCA papers than it depends on your previous know how and assumed knowledge of the papers you are going to sit. Some ACCA students are quite ambitious in the beginning and it is really good to be ambitious however it should also be balanced out with a realistic approach.

Good luck!

February 9th 2016 AN ACCA USER 8,190 Points
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Schedule your preparation as if you will appear your exams in May. So, you will have 1 months at the end to revise every topics and past papers many times to feel comfortable in difficult sections

February 12th 2016 AN ACCA USER 8,730 Points