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Hi, can anyone advice me what is the best way to pass F8 in march 2017 attempt

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January 31st 2017 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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Just go through your book. Keep in mind important definition and points. It will be better if you note down them with yourself. Then practice kit as much as you can. In the last 15 days daily attempt one past paper and study its examiner comments and technical article. Tell me if you need any help!
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April 25th 2017 AN ACCA USER 640 Points
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Read the text, revise f4 Corporate law. Memorize the ethical threats to independence and practice identifying them (self-review, self-interest, intimidation, famialiarity, advocacy). Memorize the Assertions related to different areas of the financial statements (completeness, cut-off, accuracy, valuation, existance, rights and obligations, occurance, classification, presentation). Memorize the major internal controls. (SPAMSOAP) Practice creating tests of control and memorise the matrix: material and pervasive in order to determine if a report will be a disclaimer, adverse opinion or qualified.

May 2nd 2017 AN ACCA USER 160 Points