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F2 Study plan

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F2 Study plan

Hi guys!

Any advice on how to create a study plan?

How did you plan your studying?

For example, CFA candidates report dedicating in excess of 300 hours of study per level to prepare for each exam.

Is there anything similar for ACCA exams?

Thanks a lot in advance!



August 13th 2015 AN ACCA USER 200 Points

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At the initial stage read the study text like a short story books in a light way for absorbing the concepts of the subject.

In the 2nd phase start practicing questions by getting more help from the answers to refine your understanding.

At the final level do an exam style attempt of the past paper until you feel very confident.

A day before the exam go through the passcards in a bit relax manner and give yourself positive reassurance that you would certainly do great in the exam tomorrow.

When you walk in the exam hall and when you look at the paper and think that this is a really difficult paper do not give up just remember that you only have these hours to translate your hard work of months in this short span of time. Be determined and consistent in each and every second of your exam hours and you would be surprised at the end of the exam that you have performed better than your expectation when you had a first glance on the question sheet.

Good luck!

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