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I want help in Paper F7, Business consolidation chapters

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March 17th 2015 AN ACCA USER 170 Points
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Amna i will suggest that first u do a group structure, then u do the adjustments, prominently we have PPE, intra group transactions, PURP, and take note too for mid year aquisitions for preparing the CIS, and finally u do the BIG THREE ie The Goodwill, NCI, and Group Reatained earnings; But most importantly practise questions.

April 24th 2015 AN ACCA USER 760 Points
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Practice just format first, then go through IFRS,IAS relates to each segment separately.Read IAS relates to PPE immediately work out PPE, Read IAS/IFRS relates to PURP then immediately work out it of a given question. At first try it one by one.


March 19th 2015 AN ACCA USER 400 Points
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First you revised all accounting standard.second you preparing the format of consolidation financial statement then you try the question of consolidation financial statement  to past paper or revise kit.
March 17th 2015 AN ACCA USER 150 Points
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