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I am attaempting F8.P1 & P3 from last 3 attempt but unfortunatly its my bad luck please advise some tips.

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October 13th 2014 AN ACCA USER 290 Points

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I suggest you get as many videos as you can and if you can afford, also attend lectures, don't self study. If you can, get a study partner, if you can't, we are here for you, just keep on posting what you don't understand and the group will assist you.

October 13th 2014 AN ACCA USER 660 Points
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if you can afford, sign up with lsbf for their live revision package. it has help many. use free resources such as open tuition.

October 15th 2014 AN ACCA USER 2,720 Points
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Try to do them a bit at a time. F8 is Audit and Assurance, P1 is Governance, Risk and Ethics, P3 is Business Analysis.
The Study Text and Revision Kit gives us a very large tip on how they are related. never mind if you cannot afford to buy a current text. Just borrow from the course provider (educational institute).
From what I can see, do F8 first and pass it. Then do P1 and/or P3. I am not sure how much free time you have.
By the way, I am a career woman with an extended family of 5. We have a salaried domestic helper, but we must all help.
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