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hy.i Atempted f8 5 time but fail at 40 to 48 marks range......what shoul i di now for f8?

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February 23rd 2015 AN ACCA USER 170 Points

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Hi, I also failed f8 in the December sitting with 44 on my first attempt, but don't be depressed and you should rather keep practicing over and over again until you make it because failure , hard work and perseverance are what make ACCA students and members so valuable worldwide. Besides, the whole thing about ACCA is perseverance. My advice to you is that,given that f8 is a more practical paper( as it reflects real life situations) you must put yourself in the shoes of an auditor, therefore you act as such, think like an auditor. When you practice with the revision kit, put yourself in the scenarios and ask yourself what should I do or must do or how I should do this or that if my senior audit manager at work asks me to do that task? So Just be an auditor. Put also a special emphasis on the MCQs as there are 20 marks available.

February 24th 2015 AN ACCA USER 8,970 Points 1 Flag
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Perseverance and putting in a lot of effort in your studies and revision in key to passing F8. Try to imagine the processes and you been part of that it. And remember practice a lot of past papers.

February 25th 2015 AN ACCA USER 340 Points
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I passed F8 from the June 2014 sitting with a pretty good mark - but I can tell you one thing, I practiced practiced practiced practiced questions. Using BPP practice and revision kit. I did the questions and wrote them out. And if I didn't remember something, I wrote it again. I believe they are looking for those 'buzz' words and not using check this, check that. Use words like 'Agree', 'Review', 'Select a sample', 'Perform', 'Cast'. Get the proper terminology and approach in your head. Stick at it. You will get it.
February 27th 2015 AN ACCA USER 1,370 Points