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What is difference between audit planning and audit strategy?

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The audit strategy relates to the overall approach you will take to the audit, it decides the scope of the audit. It includes understanding the entity, the risk it faces, legal framework it operates in, fin reporting standards used etc
The audit plan are the detailed procedures you will use in your audit depending on what the stragtegy is.

For example- if you decide the organisation is new and doesn't have proper controls in place, you will decide not to rely on any controls and perform only substantive testing- this is Audit Strategy
Audit plan is then deciding the substantive audit tests you will perform. This includes nature, timing and extent of audit tests you will undertake to gain comfort over the financial statement balances.

An audit plan is more detailed filling in the details of the audit strategy.

Hope this helps

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I think in the exam, you have to mention STD, i.e. Scope, Timing, and Direction in Audit Strategy related answer, and NTE, i.e. Nature, Timing and Extent in Audit Plan, which contain detailed responses to the various matters identified in the overall audit strategy

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