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Hi Guys I need some help for FA2 PAPER

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What do you need to know?
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I have a question about extended trial balance.

On Sebastian partially completed extended trial balance at end of the section, each transaction of a column and a row represents a cell.Each cell is referenced by the combination of the relevant column letter and row number. For example the sales figure of 967286 is located in cell C5. Use this method to identify the correct cell when answering these questions.

If the question is?

Into which cells should this journal entry be posted?


A. D31 And E6

B. D6 And E31

C. D6 And E6

D. D31 And E31

My problem is I can't identify how locate the cells? and which cell mention for what?

Please solve my problem
March 5th 2015 AN ACCA USER 340 Points