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How to pass in paper P1 ??

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To pass any paper you'll need to master 2 things. The knowledge - by covering all the syllabus areas and the Technique - by practicing the questions under exam conditions. So basically you have to apply knowledge to a scenario using the techniques you have learned.

Knowledge: Knowledge is very important for P1 exam . You have to memorize the basics only then you can apply it to the scenarios. For this you'll need to practice questions. You must cover the whole syllabus. Don't question spot and Don't focus on certain areas and ignore others.

Exam technique: They way you utilize your time at the examination hall is extremely crucial. You must use your reading and planning time effectively. Next step is that you should allocate proper time to each question and move on to the next part of the same question or the next question as soon as the allocated time ends. This will ensure that you attempt every requirement and you'll have more chances of passing.

Make sure you read the requirements properly as one sentence sometimes contain 2 requirements and students ignore the second one. Make sure you use proper format such as report etc as asked by examiner and one of the common mistake is that the examiner is asking something else and student answer a completely different answer. Focus on the VERB of requirement.

This technique will help you pass every exam.

Specific Guidance for P1: Corporate governance topic will always feature in the exam in some way. Something that has been examined in the previous sitting might appear again. Don't assume that it can't. Read examiner's comments and feedback on exams and technical articles. Technical articles do form part of exams in some way as I have experienced so read them. And lastly focus on APPLICATION of knowledge

Good Luck.

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