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Examination Stress

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Examination Stress

During the final preparation of the exam and in the examination hall we go through the phases of pressure and stress.

Please share your experiences and any effective techniques and tips to manage it?

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Pressure and Stress are obvious during exams, if you focus on what to do and how to do and make plans for it, and concentrate on your part, i think it might reduce stress to some level, like when you're crossing a bridge and you look down and see the river, but if you look on your own way and focus on your steps it can help relieve stress, dunno other way particularly but i do this to help me, and ya, if you know everything then your stress level will be low, so make sure you study properly and know well, i have my experience of giving my SLC singing even during exam time because i studied well. Hope it helped u a bit, during exams i try to control myself, if you feel too much stress just know that its not only you who is facing it but all those who are giving the exam along with you. Keep going and good luck...

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