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ACCA Professional Level Webinar - Resources

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ACCA Professional Level Webinar - Resources

Under the ACCA a Learning Resources, there is a webinar for professional level papers from last year. Filter by P2 and it comes up. One of the things I picked up is their suggested wider reading for P2 was .... Deloitte website and has all the recent developments if you search the topic. Also all the guidance on the IFRS and IAS. It seems really easy to navigate around the website.
It was mentioned in the webinar that P2 really has to focus on wider reading. Time is an issue but I don't think we can avoid the wider reading. I also remember hearing on a lecture from a BPP tutor that immediately avoiding question 4 can be quite a bad choice to make, because Q2 and Q3 can be quite tricky. Just thought I would post this to highlight that website for all of us P2 peeps.

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Thanks this sounds very useful

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