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Examination Stress

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Examination Stress

During the final preparation of the exam and in the examination hall we go through the phases of pressure and stress.

Please share your experiences and any effective techniques and tips to manage it?

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I think you have to take things slowly and be methodical in your approach. Try to remain positive and although, at times, you may think "I have made a complete mess of this question" keep moving along through the next sections of the exam. I felt like I had some complete disasters in the F6 and F7 papers but passed them.

Remember you have both computational elements to most exams and narrative elements, so there are plenty of chances of getting points. Make notes of anything you may have wrong and you can come back to those parts later. It is really important to make your workings legible. It is not just for the examiner but also for yourself when you check over something you have already done, that you will need to clearly see how you arrived at a certain answer.

Also, take a step back and think about the questions and any similar situations or scenarios you have encountered in real life. It seems to me that examiners often point out that students aren't addressing the actual question, rather they are just trying to regurgitate knowledge. Also if you haven't really thought about the scenario it will be hard to form and defend an opinion or choice you may to take with regard to it.

Finally, just focus, and slow yourself down. Take a few deep breaths and believe in yourself and all the preparation which you have done. Remember, even if you don't pass, it is not the end of the world. Trust me, I have practised the same cash flow statement 6 or more times before getting everything right and each time I learned from my mistake!

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