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P3 Retake June 17

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P3 Retake June 17

Hi everyone, sadly im on my third attempt of passing this exam and they are close passes each time. Ive tried various ways of sitting this from various questions orders in the exams, question practice to full time management and thought i had the timings nailed last exam. However i struggle doing retakes from BPP as i have pass assurance they don't give you the options to resubmit any of the course exams to get feedback from the markers on how to improve answers, so unsure how to learn where in my answer's i'm going wrong. I've attended the entire online course from scratch again and been to the live lunchtime seminars. I've re read the P3 articles as well as doing the P&R kit several times with answers that frankly are too comprehensive that you cant write in the exam to time! Can anyone give me anymore pointers as my time and money i can't afford to keep paying or any extra resources you might know about to help?

Please note its not my intention to open any debates up just feedback and help would be greatly appreciated!

May 14th 2017 AN ACCA USER 130 Points

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