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Please has anyone used acowtancy for P5 and would they recommend it?

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January 4th 2017 AN ACCA USER 610 Points 1 Flag

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Hello, I've used acowtancy in the past for other P papers and found it useful but unfortunately for P5 they don't provide as much free study material as they do for other papers. You would need to sign up for their classroom. I've not been successful with P5 and failed twice but did well with my other P papers. Think this may just be down to exam technique though.

January 23rd 2017 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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i have used Acowtancy for P2 and P7 its very good as for P5 there is no much of free videos you have to pay for classroom but i want to believe its as good as other subjects

February 2nd 2017 AN ACCA USER 140 Points