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Purpose of forming study group to assist all to pass exam

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Purpose of forming study group to assist all to pass exam

Hi, everyone..

We still have a month time for exam...
First, we need to really understand the way of examiner raise question and what is the hot topic which will be exam every sitting
Before we go for spot question on the final round (2 weeks before exam) or based on the spotting areas by Kaplan, Open University, BPP..
The most important thing is our theories on the P3. Do we really understand the link between the whole syllabus.
You can go to ACCA website to find out more on these.
At this time, we should be have a idea of P5 syllabus and read through all the topics.
Now is the time to focus on exam question... We must behave to do past year question to get better knowledge of the topic..
You all agree with what i mentioned.. please give me a like...
Then i will share my piece of idea to how to form a successful study group

May 6th 2014 AN ACCA USER 970 Points

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Hi Mei,
Greetings to you and other fellow soldiers for this battle coming up this June. I agree with your thoughts and I think its a fantastic initiative by you to bring this group to action. I can see so far we have 8 friends in this group. Lets start introducing our self first, so, I am Twohedul from Oxford, doing my final 2, this & P1.

One idea is to bring a topic each and help other to understand it by putting a short report on the topic, other can then join with feedback to discuss any hidden issue within a topic.

Please, let me know your thoughts.


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