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Please anyone help with the tips to pass P6, It is discouraging to fail while in universities you passed with good marks

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I think you are confusing University with ACCA, you are given days and even months to complete exams in the Uni and also time to think as well.

But with ACCA you only have 3hrs for the paper and given 15mins to think which is equivalent to 12 rounds in boxing. in which at the end of each exam sitting you are speechless and start to wonder if you will ever be qualified as an Accountant, that is the level of difficulty here.

Well back to your point, I will be doing the P6 too. The key to success in this paper is knowing your current tax tables and it's application that matters, you get marks for showing you working even though your calculations are wrong and also learn to move on quickly when you are stock on a question ,as there are easy marks to be pick up ahead.

I will be transmitting the same technique I used in the F6 to the P6 as there is no much difference, I scored 60% in that paper.

So know your tax rules and current examinable document this is the key, this can be downloaded from ACCA website.
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Don't forget that ACCA is a professional programme unlike the university one, it's much more easy to pass in a university than in a professional context given that in a professional programme we must go through a whole subject and not sitting a paper based on a few chapters within a subject, there are so many differences between the two. I started university and completed only level 100 some years ago . I found out about ACCA at the end of this level, I then decided to stop the university and start over with ACCA as things at university were boring , not serious, so much time off, and above all I studied subjects not related to study field at the beginning... in a word I didn't feel university compared to the professional one, more challenging, more serious, more demanding in terms of workload... and I love it. Getting back to you, keep practicing and develop exam strategies such sticking to the timing... good luck

March 2nd 2015 AN ACCA USER 8,970 Points
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Idriss, thanks for all these comments I think you've said it all, this is a professional exams and it needs 100% dedication, it's no joke.

In the end, passing these exams means you will then become a worthy qualified Accountant and not been dashed the qualification.

Nomajama, I will recommend you get study Buddies or go a course to spice things up if not already have one, as self study can be dishearten sometimes and boring.

All the best!
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To pass P6 someone should have knowledge about tax and know how to apply the knowledge . So first study ACCA approved partner P6 study text and make your own notes like tax calculation Performa and other key rules of tax and then practice questions from revision kit to apply your learning/knowledge. Solve your revision kit two times before your exam.

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