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Whats the best way to manage time when writing a P7 exam.

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May 18th 2016 AN ACCA USER 210 Points

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  1. Use reading time 15 mins to read 2 20 marks qns. or 35 marks case study or qns which is short
  2. Start writing points on the face of the paper
  3. 1.8min/mark, start u r most comfy with
  4. Explain 2-3 lines each point
  5. Use headings and sign posting. Don't write long sentences
  6. If short of time use bullets, worst case only
  7. Comment on matters qns use 1. Acc Standards usage 2. Materiality 3. Report implications and 4. Risk of MM
  8. Use ISA/IFRS/IAS cleverly and don't overuse
  9. Try make up points if scenario not clear. Use words could be etc.
  10. Write in legible manner

Hope it helps!!

May 22nd 2016 AN ACCA USER 1,720 Points 2 Flags
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  1. Use 15 minutes reading time in optional questions.
  2. While reading the questions writing main points on question paper. This will make writing quickly when writing answers
  3. Every paper there are 4-6 easy Marks. Make sure try to cash these marks quickly.
  4. Use builts when your running out of time.
  5. Avoid illegible writing
  6. Question 1 contain 4 professional marks. These are very easy to earn make sure you get it.
  7. Allocate 1.8 mint to each mark. This is very important

I hope these above points helps you to manage time in p7 paper. Thank you.

May 31st 2016 AN ACCA USER 210 Points