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Assist me the faster way to answer questions relating to ethics. I have difficulies memorising the Ethics codes

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At the P7 Stage it is all about knowledge application therefore to me instead of struggling to remember the code of ethics it is better to digest it so that at anytime you can apply your judgement when you are faced with the an unethical situations. Ethics is not only the subject matter of your professional studies but also of your personal interaction with others. Therefore, always look for issues in the examination situations that has to do with ethics. For example, if you are my brother and I am the Chief Executive Officer of a company asking your nomination, you should know that it is unethical for you to accept nomination even if you know you will not allow the relationship to have influence on your judgement outsiders will not see it that way. Another example may be you are holding a significant amount of shares in a company that ask for your nomination if you accept that nomination it will amount to an unethical behaviour because your personal interest may have significant influence on your judgement. Ethical issues are there in our every day life. I do hope that this little contribution will be of assistance to you.

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