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Looking for people discuss answer technique in exam

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Looking for people discuss answer technique in exam

Hi all i have two question in answering the exam,
1) Can I give 8 main points to one question with 8 marks? or must I give 4 main points with description?
2) If the question is to issue press release to public, can I give my own ideas to solve the problem on behalf of the company? ( means the case did not say anything but I announce we will be doing such thing)

Thank you all and best luck!

August 28th 2019 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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Please see my following comments for your queries:

1.) I would suggest you to provide 8 points for 8 marks question with brief answers, as it would surely increase your marks gaining probability from another situation where you would provide 4 points and with detailed answers.

All the examiners and articles recommend to provide one point per mark with short description and not to waste too much time to describe a point rather try to provide different scenarios and try to gain extra marks for that.

2.) I would suggest not to give you ideas to on a press release and try to find the details which you may use to prepare a press release then at the end if you want you can always make a recommendation head and write your points in that which shows your skepticism and evaluation trait.

Hope my answer helps.

Good Luck for the exams.

Kind regards,
Hemant Singh
ACCA - P Level student

September 23rd 2019 AN ACCA USER 300 Points