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PER - issues with my supervisors to register or review objectives

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PER - issues with my supervisors to register or review objectives


Is it just me but it seems that there are issues with ACCA website to get my supervisors to register and then review my objectives:

My first supervisor has finally registered but cannot review any objectives as he gets "an error has occurred" when clicking the "Review and sign off" menu item!
My second supervisor does not even get to register: another error page is displayed. I've tried to resend the invitation but now he does not even received the invitation email!

I'm getting frustrating with ACCA website. How can you get your objectives signed off if your supervisors have that much trouble. And they are busy accountants!

Any tips?

July 4th 2016 AN ACCA USER 240 Points

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A few clarifications:

1 - I've contacted ACCA already twice + my supervisors have also contacted ACCA. Their responses were to clear browser history + cookies but that did not work. One of my supervisor even email them a screenshot of the error message (which is by the way completely useless: "Sorry, an error has occurred" - when are programmers going to show error messages that actually mean something?).

2 - Register issue: it seems that Internet Explorer is the problem. The link from the invitation email does work in Google Chrome but my supervisors got an error message in Explorer. That would be great if ACCA would highlight which browsers are supported!

July 5th 2016 AN ACCA USER 240 Points
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Maybe you can write an email to ACCA about the issue, they will help you better

July 5th 2016 AN ACCA USER 140 Points