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Sitting F8 & P1 in the same month.

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Sitting F8 & P1 in the same month.


I, stupidly, missed the exam entry for March. Unfortunately, due to the 31st Jan tax deadline & overload of work, I completely forgot about booking.

The plan was to sit F8 in March and then P1 in June, with the goal of sitting 4 exams a year.

I work full time, and currently study 1-2 hours after work on week days, and 3-4 hours on sat & sunday.

Since I've missed the march booking, do you think it's wise to sit F8 & P1 in June?
If so, how do I approach studying?

My current thought process is:
1. Study F8 only as if I still have the exam in March, and sit a mock test on the exam day using the Sep 16 paper.
2. Study P1 for the rest of march & april..
3. Revise F8 & P1 every day in May, splitting up an hour for each per day.

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You can comfortably study for F8 and P1 and write their exams in one exam diet. They bode very well together and some topics are common to both such as issues of corporate governance, risk management and ethics. Myself I passed these two papers together in the same diet.

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