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firstly how to properly manage your time during a cbe ? secondly which one to attempt first , MTQs or MCQs? thirdly suggest any effective strategy when answering questions during the exam

August 22nd 2014 AN ACCA USER 410 Points

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Do a practice version of an online CBE here - Online CBE Practise Version

Then you will understand how to manage time during a CBE.

It's your choice. Whichever you find easy attempt them first. Then move to the hard ones without wasting your time pressing on to 1.

Thirdly, you have to study your subject and understand what it says to apply knowledge during the exam to gain marks!

I'm sure you have no idea of how a CBE exam is. Therefore, take a peek of an online CBE exam just to understand what it is by clicking the link given here to you.

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The best results always come with proper planning.

The first thing you should know the stuff in the syllabus, and practice now and then until you are satisfied that you are ready for the cbe.
Second on the exam day, be in exam centre an hour earlier and relax before you enter in exam room.
When tackling computer based exam also take it as real, you must must replace your safe as examined student into real practice in job situation.
Then based on real job situation you will be able tackle each question with positive mind that your supervisor will check on you soon after the completion of the task.
Always tackle the questions you know them for sure and later tackle the difficult ones if you had any.
Remember that if you practice and know more before the exams you will have enough time to back to your answers and check the correctness.
Finally if your understanding of the subject was perfect you can submit for marking. But remember to practice the cbe online from other platforms for more exposure. Wishing you all the best my fellow students who wish to sit online CBE.
January 8th 2015 AN ACCA USER 200 Points 1 Flag
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thanks for your advice
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thank  for ur help
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