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P2 June 2018 London ??

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P2 June 2018 London ??

Hey is there any study groups going for the P2 June 2018 paper ??

Or are there anyone that wants to study Buddy with me ?

Happy to travel or to have people over. Based not that far from Finsbury park.

Cheers !

March 7th 2018 AN ACCA USER

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Hey! I'm also taking exam in June and looking for a study group/ buddy.

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER

Selected March 14th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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Hi everyone,

I'm keen to join the study group via whatsapp possible as I'm not based in UK.
Please count me in via +60149652172


April 5th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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@Lucija thank you !
Been waiting for a response.
Message me on 0785050412 and we can arrange a study session!

March 14th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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Im keen to join if you guys are setting one uo could do video conferencing?

March 18th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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Please, I am writing P2 in June.

I need a study buddy.

Kindly add 07063543559.

Thank you.

March 20th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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I'm not based in London but would be keen to have a whatsapp group. Anyone interested?

April 17th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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