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F2/MA Management Accounting

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F2/MA Management Accounting


Has anyone written the F2 exam recently and failed? I wrote it twice the first time I almost made it but the second time I did worst. I studied the syllabus and for the online exam the weakest point I got was 65%. Can you maybe tell me did I learn incorrect who has passed this exam and what did they do to do so?

Please any help will be great.

July 25th 2018 AN ACCA USER

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Can you be more specific? what did you fail on?
i would make a start at looking at your weakest area's and i would re-go over my notes!
maybe exam pressure is what gets you the most- have you tried doing practice papers in complete exam conditions? like you would in real life? time yourself etc.
i would say keep doing what you are doing but go over your weakest areas.

July 31st 2018 AN ACCA USER
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