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Need advice ASAP for September Exam

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Need advice ASAP for September Exam

Hello everyone, early on during June, I have booked two exam sessions for F8 and F9 on September. So far I have only summarized the material so I can actually start studying and solve questions. I'm almost positive I wont have enough time to finish both papers. So the question is, should I focus on F8 then F9 or vise versa? Given that F8 is on Sept 3rd and F9 is on Sept 7th.

Please advise

July 31st 2018 AN ACCA USER

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In the past I took two exams in one setting while working full time F6 and F8 while one was calculation and the other theory. I found it incredibly dificult and unfortunetly I was very close in both but didn't pass and had to retake. In my opinion you are the best person to judge, if you feel you won't have enough time to cover both papers do the one your are most confident with and leave the other paper until December. After all December is just around the corner.

August 1st 2018 AN ACCA USER
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Since one is practical and one is theory you can manage both. The time gap between exams will help you.

With F8, a very important thing is knowing how to answer. So do the chapter to get a grip of the topic and then move to revision kit. Keep Practing Mcq's and learn the way they answer long questions in the revision kit (because that's the format you need to answer the questions in)
Audit Evidence, Internal Controls, Planning and Review & Reporting are the main areas.

F9 on the other hand will require more time because the books are lengthy and the exam can often be unpredictable. Still from my own experience:
Working Capital, Sources of Finance (including Bussiness Valuations) and Investment Appraisal (you'll get two questions from the above 3 topics in Section C for nearly 20-24 marks in total, rest will be theory)
Also Foreign Currency is often asked for 6-10 marks in Section B. Pocket notes are very helpful in F9.

July 31st 2018 AN ACCA USER
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August 1st 2018 AN ACCA USER
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You can clear both papers even now as you almost one whole month to study.
Go and register for prepare to pass webinar by ACCA Pakistan , it is really helpful and for sure you will be able to pass
F8 do past papers very well which is available on acca website
F9 solve mcq as much as possible from bpp and kaplana for all parts and for section C sums do past papers

If you still need help for concepts use open tution class session videos and solve their mcq.
If you the needful everyday even for one hour each study , you will pass both the papers.
All the best !!

August 7th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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