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Is one month enough to study for F7

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Is one month enough to study for F7

I am considering to write F7 and F8 in march 2019. Ive already written F8 in december 2018 and i did not pass. I got 45 . So im not sure should i write both exams in march. Im not really good in F7 and have roughly one month to prepare for it. Is it enough? Should i write audit only or both the exams together

January 14th 2019 AN ACCA USER

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I'm sorry to hear you missed F8 by such a narrow margin. With a bit more practice you should get it next time.

You should definitely retake F8 in March whilst the information is still fresh in your mind. If you put it off until June you'll almost have to learn the whole syllabus from scratch.

With regards to F7 - have you booked the exam for March already? If you have then you could consider calling the ACCA and asking if they could push it back to the June sitting instead. If you haven't booked the exam yet then I would be reluctant to take it in March with only one month to prepare.

You said you're not good with F7 and it is a challenging module. I failed first time (45) and the main reason for this is not taking the time to practice exam questions. I learned the syllabus just fine but hardly did any practice so when it came to the exam I fell apart.

You should also consider how much time you realistically have. One month sounds like a lot but how much of that can you actually commit to studying around your other commitments?

Personally if I were in your position I would retake F8 in March and book F7 for June. As soon as the March sitting is over you can plough 100% of your study time into F7.

Hope this helps :)

January 14th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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