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Kaplan or Bpp please help me

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Kaplan or Bpp please help me

I think Bpp is good because kaplan didint reffer anything . please hep me which is better

February 11th 2019 AN ACCA USER 300 Points 1 Flag

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Hi, Kapkin courses are better than BPP. Kaplin books are also better than BPP.

February 12th 2019 AN ACCA USER 520 Points
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I am using BPP,
It is very lengthy but I think both Kaplan and BPP are lengthy.
I have heard Kaplan doesn't cover few things that are in BPP
But then again I am not sure since I am new too.
I have resorted to BPP just so I cover everything and even though it's lengthy it's beneficial cuz you can use the extra knowledge for the papers to come,so I take it as early development.
Kaplan uses a more user friendly language then BPP
Hope this helps.

February 15th 2019 AN ACCA USER 210 Points
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I personally more prefer Kaplan. Easier to understand

February 20th 2019 AN ACCA USER 340 Points