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Honest advice wanted on Options papers and/or SBR/SBL

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Honest advice wanted on Options papers and/or SBR/SBL


I have to very quickly decide on my strategic options papers but not sure what to go for.

I will only be starting the FM module in the next two weeks (June sitting), but I need to decide upon what I will sit in September now. If I were to like FM, this would be great as AFM starts in my local centre immediately after FM finishes but seems a gamble to signup to advance before sitting intermediate!

Can anyone give me an honest opinion of each of the papers? Like if they're easy to study/require a lot of thought etc etc?
I could even do the SBR or SBL papers first but would require travel - could anyone tell me what they're like?

I work for the NHS so in terms of what is relevant... not much. So I feel I really could choose anything.

I have passed F7 (FR), F8 (AA) and F6 (TX) comfortably - best in TX but I sat FR and AA at the same time so that would probably be why they weren't as good. I have just sat F5 (PM) and enjoyed it as a module as I studied maths at uni - but obviously don't have results yet.

Any advice on any of the exams would be greatly appreciated!!


March 18th 2019 AN ACCA USER

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For me, i will advice you to go in for ATX or SBR, this is because i personally fill that this are the easiest professional paper for someone who love the numbers. as you noted that studying SBR will require travel, then you should take on ATX, ATX is the most easiest professional paper, as you don;t need to think too much, you just need to know the various tax laws or principles.
Finally, the final decision should be about how comfortable you are with the module, the time you have and the availability of a study support.
Go into it as hard as you can, and you will surely make it,

March 19th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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I haven't done the professional papers yet.

I'm planing on doing FM September sitting and may have to also do the AFM classes as the same time because I will travel to do these. So will aim to do AFM Dec sitting. I may consider doing SBR or SBL Dec instead. It really just depends on the timetables and what I can fit in at the same time when I travel to Kampala.

I think ATX and AAA are most suited for people who work in those fields.

Good luck!

March 19th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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I done Advance Audit Paper and just sat the P5 Adv Performance Managment in March. I would say go with what your comfortable with, I struggled with P2 and I certainly stayed away from P4 paper, it's a difficult paper, I have colleagues who attempted it many many many times to pass. I would not sign up to P4 if you didnt take the P2 paper yet, you might find it difficult.

I had to retake F8 but passed the advance paper first time, if you have a good understanding the of the audit rules and concept the paper is not difficult at all and my background is not in auditing.

As for the P5 paper I quite enjoyed it, interesting concepts and very little calculations however one needs to have alot of time to practice pass exam papers and I believe the p5 paper is the continuation Of F5 and P3 which has now change.

Can you not just pay for the course and ask them for the option to change the modules at a later date, I had the option to do that, alot of pressure deciding everything way in advance.

Good luck

March 19th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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How do I decided which one to attempt?

I bought all 4 books of option papers and studied and skimmed through them.

then I went for APM and AAA. APM was the most difficult paper I ever written. passed @ 3rd attempt.

July 16th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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I am Studing AFM and AAA for sept 2020 previously i passed FM and SBR in March and its is goood choice to attepmt AF just Fter AFM because your knowlede of FM will Help you to Pass AFM as early as possible.
After giving FM i Deceided AFM through Read the syllabus of AFM from the ACCA study Resources this will give me confidence to to pass AFM beacuse the syllabus is almost same as FM but it is extensive and some extra topic are there. and most importantly AFM is not link with any other paper of Strategic Professional.
and need any help for AFM and FM you can contact me

May 8th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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