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Acowtancy Reviews

Hi all
Just looking for some advice please. I am studying F4 at present. it is very theory heavy.

For F1 to F3 I attended classes, read the BPP Text Book, Revision Kit & Pass Cards and did a large number of questions. I found reading the text book the hardest part, the BPP text is so dense and very time consuming to read. and feel the vast majority of time I spent was trying to get through the text, and likely didn't spend enough time on revising questions

For F4 I decided to give acowtancy a go, I have paid for the classroom element, have watched all the lectures, and will go through the whole classroom again, and then do the revision mountain. I find it is really good, clear, consise and is saving me a lot of time. The site states that you do not need to use a textbook in conjunction with it, and the classroom and revision along with questions are enough to pass.

However I am a little bit afraid that it is too consise. Has anyone used the site, and what is their honest opinion on it, and how did you get on in your exam.


August 13th 2019 AN ACCA USER

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Hi, Just wondering if you used Acowtancy to help with your studies and did you find it useful?

July 25th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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