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Looking for F2 Study Buddy

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Looking for F2 Study Buddy

Hello Everyone!

I am new to ACCA, I got F1 exempted so I start to study F2 right now. I have got BBP ebooks (Interactive Text & Revision Kit)

I will try to self study with study source from ACCA and will sign up for ACCA-X as well.

I study better in groups than alone.

It would be great if anyone join me to study together.


November 11th 2019 AN ACCA USER 220 Points

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Hey! I would be interested in forming a studying session group with you. I currently live in downtown and work full time. But if your open to it, we can connect over the evenings and weekends.

Let me know if your interested:

November 12th 2019 AN ACCA USER 160 Points
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Gn i would like to join u to study F2

November 28th 2019 AN ACCA USER 170 Points
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Hi, mình là người Việt sống tại Sing, mình đã đỗ F3, đang định thi F2 vào 21/4 tới, mình tự học F2 từ nguồn Acowtancy, opentuition và sách của Kaplan + BPP. Nếu bạn muốn tìm buddy học cùng có thể liên hệ mình qua mail :)

February 11th 2020 AN ACCA USER 180 Points