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Unit 8 : Integrated Case Study

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Unit 8 : Integrated Case Study

Has anyone answered this questions below???

Calculate and compare the forecast total accounting costs in the year following MEXIT under the restructured in-house option (A) and the outsource option (B); to assess which option will be most economical for Telford Engineering in the future:

Enter the accountancy department costs for Option B:

December 2nd 2019 AN ACCA USER

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Hi Sarmad can you please help me with solving option A

April 27th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Recategorized May 2nd 2020
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Also stuck on this question would appreciate any help

January 6th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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yes Mercy, Option A is quite simple just adding the increment of 25% to the remaining staff and then add all the staff cost including headof accounting and take 10 % of it and add it job done but can you help me with option b..

May 2nd 2020 AN ACCA USER
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