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I just sat the F8 (AA) paper today.
I have two final foundation papers to sit- F9 & F7 (FM & FR). Has anyone sat these together before? Considering sitting them both in March.

Also, if anyone else plans to combine them, or is sitting any of these in March and looking for someone to study with.. then here I am!

December 2nd 2019 AN ACCA USER 1 Report

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Hi Claire,

I am also planning on sitting f7 and possibly f9 in march (deffo f7). I sat f7 a few years ago alongside f8 (which I passed) but only got 48% in f7 :(
I live in London and want to self study for f7 and if you are looking for a study partner I an available, as I really do need discipline and encouragement!
Where are you based?

December 3rd 2019 AN ACCA USER
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Good Day. I am actually doing F6, F7, F8 &9 in March.

December 3rd 2019 AN ACCA USER 1 Report
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May I know which country you are sitting exam , I am from Singapore.

December 4th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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Hello, I plan to sit for FM in March 2020. May be we can motivate one another for this coming session!

December 5th 2019 AN ACCA USER
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