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Remote exam-taking

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Remote exam-taking

We are introducing new flexibility for ACCA students which will enable them to take their exams at home or in another location, in circumstances where centre-based exam sittings are disrupted.

This is one step we have taken to avoid exam cancellations and support students through this challenging period. However, we understand this is likely to be a new process for many of you.

If you have questions on how this will all work, visit our FAQs page for updates and advice. More information will be added as we move closer to enabling remote invigilation.

May 12th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Retagged May 12th 2020

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This is great...

May 12th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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has there been any further information on this?

May 27th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Reshown June 10th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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As an ACCA candidate,I booked SBR exam dated on 10th of December, 2020 at 11:00.

Before the exam day, I ran all the launch tests and passed to take an exam with my personal computer. On the exam day, I became ready at 10:35 logging in myaccaglobal and VUE platform. It took 15 minutes by support staff to recognise my ID and other processes such as exam environment checks. After that phase, support team or VUE staff made me wait more than 20 minutes in the platform without any response in chat box from around 10:55. Then one of your staffs appeared in the chat box to direct me verify my ID and then to release the exam. Again, this processes took so much time which made me take my exam with a delay. Then, staff could not succeed to deliver my exam and asked me for to reboot my PC. Despite my repeated questions to verify his/her recommendation, he/she made me shut down my PC. After logging out, I could not reconnect to platforms to take exam. The website did not allow me to sign in assuming the exam is expired. This happened because staff made me wait without any reponse until the exam time and made me run processes taking so much time which is later than 11:30. And finally, I was asked for rebooting my PC by staff. Due to my delayed processes, the accaglobal portal and VUE platform did not allow me to log in the system. Then, I called representatives in Turkey, to tell the story and ask for help. He said he would contact with other team members. At 12:51, I am called by a staff from VUE from Boston,USA about the exam situation. She told me she was preparing technical reports and would be in contact with somebody to let me take the exam. Then representatives in Turkey, called me to tell about the situation and it does not look that my exam will be realised today and might be booked in March. Lastly, at 14:27 he called me back to tell that my exam might be realised in March.

Since there is a problem occurred by support staff which is making me wait for a long while and then making me disconnect to the platform, my exam was cancelled. I also believe that I took the right actions calling representatives. I don’t consider this situation as a technical problem. There should be a road map in those kind of failures. Remote exam is relatively a new syatem. So, there should be plan B,C,D to cover exam takers’s failures. But, this road maps should not be directing students to take exam in next term. I have been studying for this exam for a long while, my exam was cancelled because of amateur staff’s very unprofessional actions. I also don’t have any guarantee to encounter with a similar situation in March period.

The organisation is one of the oldest accountancy bodies in the world, however it does not act in the favor of their ACCA candidates. Crediting money back is not a solution. Candidates spend so much time and effort to take an exam. The only thing they do is booking an exam for the next term. It is a big disappointment for me. I don’t think ACCA is professional anymore. Is it the only thing that ACCA can do? Both representatives in Turkey and global don't care about the loss of candidates. It is ridiciluous. I always call them and ask for help. But the only thing they say is sorry, do it in March. How can't they we spend so much effort for this and they don't have any plan for compensation?

December 14th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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