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Can anyone please help me on Unit 7 data analytics regression part, please and thank you.

May 17th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Retagged May 17th 2020

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i am having difficulty in unit 8.......but luckily i got pass in unit 7....

May 18th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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Hello Emmanuel,

Hope this finds you well.

Kindly support in attempting EPSM binary question under unit 7 (the history of data visualisation).

Thank you.

May 17th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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Thank you for your replies, I appreciate them, i have now successfully completed Unit 7.

May 18th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Recategorized May 25th 2020
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Hey Emmanuel,

Glad that you completed unit7.

I am still getting Q3 & Q5 wrong in Unit 7 end of assessment.

Really appreciate if you could help.


May 24th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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Hello Emmanuel,

Hope you are doing well.

I have been stuck in unit 7 for a while now. Kindly assist me on how to answer question 2, 3 and 5 on regression analysis.

Anticipating your response.

Thank you

May 25th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Recategorized June 4th 2020
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Sorry for the late reply but if anyone still requires assistance on this section then email me on and i will be able to guide you through the question.

May 27th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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