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Looking for

Looking for study buddy for FR revision setting sep20

May 28th 2020 AN ACCA USER 1 Report

Recategorized June 6th 2020

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Hi Hanada

I'm new to this, how does a study buddy work ? I am also taking FR in September.


June 4th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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I'm also taking FR in Sept 20 :)

June 4th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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Hi Hanada, add me too in this group. My email is

June 5th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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hello .. I see in acca community looking for a whatsapp group to join . I started a whatsapp group (F7 study) and if u are interested give me a ur whatsapp number I will add u. This my number +8801841551449

June 21st 2020 AN ACCA USER
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