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PM September 2020 study materials

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PM September 2020 study materials

Hi there,

Can I still use Study and Exam materials valid for September 2019- June 2020 for my September 2020 exam?

I have bought them for my June 2020 exam, but as you know it was cancelled because of Covid-19 and I don't want to put the books aside...

June 17th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Recategorized June 17th 2020

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I think it’s not a big difference between 2019 and 2020.
I’m using materials 2019 and I’m going to pass my exam in 2020.
So, don’t worry)

June 18th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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Hi, you might want to check out the syllabus changes here.

The interactive document guides you through any changes that you need to be aware of. The good news is, there aren't many overall.

Best of luck with your studies.

June 18th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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