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F4 eng or global

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F4 eng or global

Is there any difference between LW ENG AND GLO variant? Please explain!

August 17th 2020 AN ACCA USER

Retagged August 17th 2020

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Hi Muhammamad , according to my tutors they all suggested taking he GLOvariant exam !!(if you are outside the UK of course ). So obviously even if you are taking ENG or GLO version eitherway YOU've got to learn the basic conception of the UK LAW !! but thats all !! I've finished it and I really liked it !!! eazy and smooth with only 13 small chapters !! so ya with the global version u have more international laws (all in small qty ) and general concepts BUT with the english version we have more of the ENGLISH court structure etc in DETAIL

This is is the main difference btw b/w English and GLOBAL variant
I would suggest to take the GLOBAL variant

August 19th 2020 AN ACCA USER
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