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It's the perfect time to work through EPSM

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It's the perfect time to work through EPSM

The Ethics and Professional Skills module supports learning for the Strategic Professional exams and students who complete it are statistically proven to significantly increase their chances of passing.

It's the perfect time in the study calendar to do EPSM so access now.

January 6th 2021 AN ACCA USER

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I'm appearing Unit 7, End of Unit Assessment (No 11), question on "Beeland".

However, i'm stuck on this question on railway station network data, X with independent variables and Y with dependent variables. The question further provides an excel sheet and ANOVA table.

Since we are required to use the excel table to answer the questions, I request your inputs on the following issues -

where is the data tab?
where is the data analysis tab?
where is regression input table?
where do i find the drop down button from where I need to select regression?

The excel which is downloaded prior to the questions, I cannot find details above.

Many Thanks,...

January 9th 2021 AN ACCA USER
Hi there. We've looked into this and the module is working correctly.

The tab being referred to is a tab in the horizontal tool bar - called 'Data Analysis - which should have been enabled earlier in the unit. However, the instructions for doing so are added below:

1.    Download Add-Ins by going to the main File tab in Excel (found in the top left of the page). Then select Options > Add-Ins. A box saying ‘Manage Add-Ins’ will appear, press Go.
2.    Once done, you will see a check-box list, please tick all boxes to enable all features and then type OK.
3.    When you go back to the main menu and select the Data tab at the top, you should then see the Data Analysis and Solver tabs included at the right-hand side of the tool bar, one on top of the other. If you click on Data Analysis, you will see a box called Analysis Tools. If you scroll down, you’ll see Regression - click that and follow the rest of the instructions.

Hope that helps!
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Hi, I have produced the ANOVA as instructed in excel but I am unclear as to how we use these to do the calculations. I have watched and read the whole module 3 times now and can not find instructions on how to use the ANOVA table to calculate the answers. Please can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you

January 19th 2021 AN ACCA USER
Good day,
I have similar concerns with Jessica.  I have done all these and plotted the figures into the equation.  I am comfortable I understand the principle and I have the data analyis on excel using provided data, still I can't seem to find the right answer.  Kindly please take us through using the data. What are we missing in our plotting?
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