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Should I continue with ACCA Qualification?

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Should I continue with ACCA Qualification?

I first registered with ACCA in December 2011 and have sat exams passed some and failed some and the last exam I sat was June 2015. My personal life affected me too much and work life got so stressful I couldn't cope. Anyone else felt like they struggled to juggle everything? I am now in a better place but should I continue to finish the qualification or should I just give up? I have 6 exams left to complete

February 2nd 2021 AN ACCA USER 1 Report

Recategorized February 5th 2021

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I was in similar place when I failed professional exams thrice and I gave up in between. 2 yrs later starting from 2020, I studied hard with all my determination to clear the rest of the papers in 1st attempt. And now I’m an ACCA member. Yes the tunnel looks dark but there will always be light at end of the tunnel. Keep working towards your goal. Failure should never be considered as a stop sign but a learning step.

February 9th 2021 AN ACCA USER
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I'm sorry to hear about your struggles in the past. I'm happy to hear that you are now over these. I would say go for it and get through your remaining exams. I am only 5 in so far and right now, it feels like I will be studying for years before I get near completion but you must stay positive and continue the journey to become fully qualified - you have put in so much hard work up to this point, it would be a shame to quit now.

Good Luck and all the best :)

February 2nd 2021 AN ACCA USER
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I was once in that place. Not being able to maintain balance between Studies, personal commitments and work. I have since decide to come back to ACCA. Have 8 papers to complete. So please continue with your studies. You will ultimately

February 6th 2021 AN ACCA USER
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I'm very sorry to hear about your personal problems and work life. I started my ACCA journey in 2018, took exemptions for 9 F1 to F9 papers, have 2 papers to clear at Strategic Professional Options level and to be honest other than SBL, I have failed each paper 3 times, this was because I had to juggle my staff role in a Big 4 / Big 6 consultancy and it was super hard managing work with study especially during peak audit period. Due to Covid 19, I lost my dog and my personal life was negatively affected and I had to leave my job eventually but I am not giving up with ACCA. I feel your pain, since I have gone through the similar stress and always felt like quitting especially when I failed SBR for the third time. But its important to stay positive and keep going, I know that once I am fully qualified then job opportunities open. I have only 2 exams to complete, been struggling to do that since June 2020. But I am still going on, despite the enormous debt to my parents (since I did my masters in accounting abroad as well) ... see you need to carry on. There are webinars by ACCA students which I could recommend of people who took years to their qualification and finally did, the joy that you will get when you clear all 6 papers will trump all these years of suffering!! Keep on. If you need to ever talk you can message me at +91 8451022986 or mail me at I feel your pain and can totally understand the situation!! Just keep the posititvity and carry on!!

February 8th 2021 AN ACCA USER
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