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SBL exam confidence level

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SBL exam confidence level

Hi, I wanted guidance on what more do i need to do for my upcoming SBL exam in March. I have attempted the BPP book in full, but haven't done each and every questions, as for those i have read through, but in fact, I went through each and every one, by practicing most of them.

Currently, I am practicing question papers, although I have done the BPP and have been practicing question papers, I still am not thorough nor confident with the papers I have been attempting at the moment. I would want to know where I went wrong, or could have, and suggest for me better ways to bolster my confidence level, and to know whether if this is normal before writing SBL?

Please share your thoughts, would be really helpful xD

February 13th 2021 AN ACCA USER

Retagged February 13th 2021

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I completely understand. I relate to everything you said. And I am just getting more panicked as the date is approaching.

But, do you understand the performance analysis and financial statement interpretation in the questions? I am very lost.

February 17th 2021 AN ACCA USER
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