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Hi everyone,

I would like to find out from fellow students how you go about studying for your exams.

My Management Accounting exam is booked for March 2021 and am I getting a bit stressed as I have not worked trough the entire syllabus yet.

Do you find working through previous exams helpful or simply just studying the study text?

I am thinking of starting to review some test to get a feel for it and then focusing my attention on the areas I see I need more time on?

Would appreciate your help.


February 27th 2021 AN ACCA USER

Retagged February 27th 2021

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Hi Linda,

everyone has different studying techniques, personally i prefer working from exams, i work backwards, i look at the answer and try to figure out myself how it came to that answer, that’s just how my brain understands things! but i would definitely recommend doing some exams just so you know what to expect on the day. i’ve also booked my exam for march, if you need to ask any questions feel free to email me

February 27th 2021 AN ACCA USER
Thank you very much for the feedback, will definitely ask if there is anything :)

Goodluck with your exam
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Hey Linda,

I've passed the MA exam a few days back. I'm not very studious though. With self study I've managed to pass the exam with a decent score. I learnt the Part D E F really well. And from Part A B C I learnt the short sums and point wise theory paragraphs and got myself clear with most of the chapters by doing the BPP revision kit. If you know the exam structure you would understand why. And feel free to e-mail me for any clarification regarding the subject.

Good Luck with your exam!

March 6th 2021 AN ACCA USER

Edited March 8th 2021 AN ACCA USER
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