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ACCA remote exam - speaker needed?

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ACCA remote exam - speaker needed?

I will be sitting a ACCA remote exam using my personal Desktop,
I have a webcam with a mic, however i do not have any speakers to play back audio. Just curious if this is required?
As there will be a chat platform to get in contact with the invigilator?
I can not find anywhere to say a speaker is required. could anyone please clarify this?
Dont want to be denied Access to the exam
I have ran a systems test and it has passed.

Thank you

February 28th 2021 AN ACCA USER

Retagged February 28th 2021

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Hi, thanks for your post. Headsets/headphones are not permitted. However, you will need to verify the audio on your computer and make sure that it's not set to mute.

Good luck!

March 1st 2021 AN ACCA USER
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