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I have now reached that point in my ACCA studies where to quit, would be to have wasted many, many hours of my life, as well as money. However, my motivation is still very much burning brightly, so I actually, have no real desire to give up. There are times, however, when I am, at best, left wondering, "Eh, what?!"

I am currently crawling my way through the academic treacle that is Strategic Business Leader; a module that I'm sure all others will attest, is no less crushingly dull, boring, and sole destroying as all the other previous ones. Anyway, I am putting myself through this particular printed form of self-harm via Self Study, and Kaplan Books. The textbook is, of course, laced with all the usual grammatical, numerical and printing errors that all Kaplan customers have now, sadly become used to, but it's one of the lines in the book that particularly stands out to me.

At the end of the Change Management chapter, it touches upon the concept of Talent Management, and under the book's 'key elements of talent management' it lists one of those elements as 'recruiting staff based on potential and cultural fit, rather than past experience and qualifications'.

If this is indeed, the case, why, in the name of all that is holy have I, and all of the other ACCA students had to go through all of the other previous modules to be told this - not to mention this one, and all of the others that we will also have to complete? Indeed, why are we bothering at all?! The fact that this is also stated on the LAST PAGE of the book is surely, also particularly cruel. The book does go some way to explaining this. In one chapter, for example, it does whine on, and on about the modern contradiction that is 'diversity', (as we all have to these days, of course). However, as a white, British male, I'm pretty sure that I don't 'culturally fit' in anywhere, anymore,(especially Britain), and I would obviously never be brave enough to even suggest it. As such, qualifications and experience are the only real routes in to this, or any other profession. And as for potential, what else are we supposed to use, other than qualifications/experience?

So what is this all about - is this just yet more woke nonsense like all the rest of it, or is there something here that I am missing?

If anyone want's to discuss this directly with me, please feel free to at

Thank you.

March 2nd 2021 AN ACCA USER

Retagged March 2nd 2021

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