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Remote Exam Revoked - Please Help

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Remote Exam Revoked - Please Help

Hello everyone,
I had SBL exam today, at 2pm. At 1:20pm, I signed in the exam planner, and downloaded onvue and uploaded a picture of myself, my Id, and pictures of the 4 sides of the room. By 1:30 I was done with all the steps required to start the exam and was in que to let the proctor start my examination.

Once my number came up in the que, the proctor used the chat option to let me know she couldn't see me, I informed her that during the system test, my mic, camera and internet connection was shown to be okay and there were no problems. Despite that, she couldn't see me from her end. This led to series of events where I was put back on top of the que over and over again because everytime the proctor couldn't view me from her side. In total, I was stuck in this process for over 3 hours.

The proctor couldn't view me, despite me doing everything I can to make sure my system was okay. I disabled firewall, disabled antivirus, closed all background application, cleared cache, restarted my system and many more. To have a proof of the fact that my camera was working, I even took a screenshot of the page where it showed that I was on que and acca was recording my live cam footage.

I'm so despaired right now I don't know what to do. If my exam gets cancelled, then it means that my 3 months of hard work and labour have gone down the drain. Is it possible for me to sit the exam this week? Or in this march sitting? There was no issues from my side, and this was purely a technical issue from ACCA's end. Please help and advice.
Thank you

March 2nd 2021 AN ACCA USER

Retagged March 2nd 2021

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Hi, we're sorry to hear you experienced these issues during your exam.

We are aware of a small number of cases where students have been unable to sit their exam due to technical problems, such as issues with web cams.

Our initial investigations have shown that these issues are likely to have been caused by connectivity issues as the webcams require greater bandwidth. We advise students to use a wired connection and shut down all other applications that draw on the household bandwidth.

Please complete the contact us form and a member of our team will be able to advise on next steps.

Thank you - ACCA Community Manager

March 3rd 2021 AN ACCA USER
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I had the EXACT same issue. Unfortunately, exam was revoked. The call centre agents weren't helpful, there were no agents available on the webchat. The whole process was TERRIBLE.

Now wondering if we can rebook for next week of it we need to wait 3 months.

March 3rd 2021 AN ACCA USER
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A similar thing happened to me.
In my case, I was able to start the exam, but the invigilators keep saying that they couldn't see me so I wasted so much time trying to fix the issue rather than focusing on my exam...
At the end, I was so fed up that I had to withdraw my exam
I know how frustrated you must have felt, but you are not alone!
Also, all that work is not lost, you just need to keep building on your knowledge for the June sitting!
Best of luck!

March 3rd 2021 AN ACCA USER
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