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Past Exam AAA

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Past Exam AAA
The past exam on ACCA website for CBE exam is in PDF  (Screen shot of the exams?), but  the PDF the exams formated does not allow to copy the script unlike the actual exam scripts . Anyone faced the same challenge and got solution (Could copy the past exams ) please extend your support .

May 9th 2022 AN ACCA USER

Retagged May 9th 2022

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Hi there. If you are referring to the the 'copy and paste' functionality, it works as follows; use the Ctrl-C (Copy) and Ctrl-V (Paste) shortcuts.

Note: When pasting into a spreadsheet you must double-click the cell or paste directly into the formula bar.

There is lots of useful information and Practice Platform support on this page which we'd strongly encourage you to view 


May 11th 2022 AN ACCA USER
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