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How do i connect my exams to ACCA global?

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How do i connect my exams to ACCA global?
I am not sure how this works but if i take the SBL exam in Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore for example, does my SBL exam completion get automatically updated in the exam progress in ACCA global website? (I.e. ACCA global shows I already completed the SBL exam even though i did not book the SBL Exam through ACCA global and instead finished the exam in a local university institute.
February 22nd 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged February 22th 2023

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Hi there. All bookings need to be made through your MyACCA account, including the SBL exam. It may be that you received an exemption before the introduction of SBL, or perhaps you're referring to a mock exam run by Kaplan. If you can provide more details we can look into it further.

But for now, you will need to access the exam booking system by logging into MyACCA. Further guidance can be found on the ACCA website - click here for more info.

Hope this helps :)

February 24th 2023 AN ACCA USER
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