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BPP or KAPLAN better for AA?

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BPP or KAPLAN better for AA?

Do you recommend to study with KAPLAN or with BPP for AA? So far, I have only tried courses and study materials by BPP (but I always buy KAPLAN pocket notes as well and I find them really helpful). Do you have any recommendations for AA? Luckily, I am in a position to purchase the complete course with either provider and I am tempted to try KAPLAN this time (if a bit better for AA).  

Thank you!
March 15th 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged March 15th 2023

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Hey Agnieszka! I am always using KAPLAN and I enjoy it :-) I am buying always the book with test questions, and they cover the entire material really well. The ANSWERS section has answers presented step by step and almost after each questions you have key notes from the ACCA exam marking team.

 What about BPP? I've never used them.
May 9th 2023 AN ACCA USER
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