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SBL study buddy June 23

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SBL study buddy June 23
Hi, I am looking for a study buddy for Strategic business leader for June 2023. Please let me know if you are interested
March 17th 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged March 17th 2023

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Yes~ I’m interested
March 18th 2023 AN ACCA USER
Please email me on so we can talk about it further :)
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Hi i would love to team up with should I contact you?
March 22nd 2023 AN ACCA USER
Hi email me at
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  I am interested for combined study for SBL June session.
March 29th 2023 AN ACCA USER
Yes pls email me at
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Yes I am interested for combined study. Please connect me on
April 19th 2023 AN ACCA USER
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Hey , I am interested. How do we connect?
May 11th 2023 AN ACCA USER
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