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EPSM Unit 8 issues

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EPSM Unit 8 issues
Hi, is anyone else having trouble with unit 8 videos and spreadsheets not downloading today - specifically the calculating the accounting department costs?
July 20th 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged July 20th 2023

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Hi, I am stuck in unit 7's quiz. I am getting answers as 46719 for question 1 and 296116 for question 2. Can you help me with the correct answers?
July 28th 2023 AN ACCA USER
I inputted it as this(Q1:46672 Q2:33405
Q3 C Q4:410) and managed to get 50%. You could try it out.
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Hi Sarah, hopefully the issue you're experiencing with content loading is resolved but if not, please send info to the ACCA Connect Team (screenshots, device, browser details etc) and someone will take a look into it for you. Click here for the contact form :)

July 21st 2023 AN ACCA USER
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