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Appeal mitigation circumstances

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Appeal mitigation circumstances

I Want to ask you about mitigation  circumstance s as during my exam my system held multiple time thats why i apply for mitigation circumstances  as it affcet my performence during exam but i only get 47 marks so it is advisable to appeal mitigation circumstances or its just waste of money   

July 31st 2023 AN ACCA USER

Retagged July 31th 2023

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Hi Muhammad. You can apply for mitigating circumstances if you experienced technical issues that affected your performance, however, this would usually be reported not long after the exam has taken place. You will need to show that you completed all of the mandatory system requests ahead of the exam. 

You can find out what the process involves and how to submit a request on the website: click here to access. You will need to submit your request via your MyACCA account and this needs to be completed by 16 August. Hope this helps!

August 1st 2023 AN ACCA USER
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